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The House in Houlton

Remodeling Project

What were you guys thinking?

I'm sure we'll be hearing this plenty after the project gets started. Oh well.

We purchased the home in April of 1999 and did some minor work and clean up to make it livable. We spent some time getting state, county, and township approval to start the project.

The Architect - Jim Graham

You can't be successful in any remodeling job without a very competent arcithect. We found him in Jim Graham and he is fantastic! He has many practical suggestions from floor layout to decorating ideas and everything in between. He has really helped us visualize the final project and understands how to work within a budget. We feel very fortunate to be working with him. He can be reached at

The Contractor - Mike Campbell, Cardinal Remodeling

The architect's ideas and skill can not be brought to life without a skilled contractor. We chose Mike Campbell from Cardinal Remodeling. Julie has done work for Cardinal when she was a contract employee for CNS, a business her cousin Randy owns. Their work with Mike and the Cardinal staff ensured that we were choosing a practical, flexible, and ethical contractor.

Update 12/26/00 - End of week 12

Mud and tape week. Good progress. You can really see how the interior will look.

Update 12/16/00 - End of week 11

Sheetrock was hung this week.

Update for 12/9/00 - End of Week 10

It was really needed since it's been below zero for the last 3 weeks. Brrrrr!

Update for 12/2/00 - End of Week 8 and 9

Baby Jessica was born on 12/1/00!
See the cute picture of Jessica and here sisters.
Started the wiring this week too.

Checkout the links below progress pictures and remodeling plans

Week 12 - Mud and Tape
Week 11 - Sheetrock
Week 10 - Insulation
Week 8 and 9 - Baby and Blocking
Week 7 - Cedar Shakes, Blocking, and Heat
Week 6 - Cedar Shakes, Plumbing and Heating
Week 5 - Roof, First Floor Windows, Stairs, And Heating
Week 4 - Snow, Rain, Eaves, And Windows
Week 3 - Dormers And More Rain
Days 9 and 10 - Dormers And Rain
Day 8 - Page 1, Major Progress
Day 8 - Page 2, More Major Progress
Day 7 - Roof Trusses And More
Day 5 and 6 - Chimney And Second Wall
Day 4 - Chimney And First Wall
Day 3 - Floor Trusses
Day 2 - More Demo and Floor Trusses
Day 1 - Demo in Progress!

The planning stage links are below.
The Front
The Back
The Sides
The Floorplan
Misc Pics