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Sara, Rachel, and Jessica 

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Sara's Vitals
Sara Ann
Birthdate: 10/7/95
Birth Wt: 7 Lbs 13 Oz

Rachel's Vitals
Rachel Elizabeth
Birthdate: 7/15/98
Birth Wt: 9 Lbs 7 Oz

Jessica's Vitals
Jessica Elise
Birthdate: 12/1/2000
Birth Wt: 8 Lbs 15 Oz

Here we are at Funtime America in NJ!
See all the pics in "Family Reunion '02".

2004 Fireworks Video

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Houlton - Quick View
Just Updated - see page 3!

Houlton - Detailed View

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Family Reunion '02
Christmas '02
Sara and Rachel '98
98 Rachel Birth to 3 Months
98 Rachel 3 to 6 Months
Fall/Winter '98
Summer '98
Spring '98
Easter '98
Fall '97
Summer '97
Family Reunion '97
Winter '96
Christmas '96
Halloween Pix '96
Sara 1 year Birthday Party
Sara 10 to 12 Months
Sara 7 to 9 Months
Sara 4 to 6 Months
Sara 3 Days to 3 Months
Sara New Born Pix
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WOW - where does the time go?  It's now November of 2007 and Sara's in the sixth grade, Rachel is in 3rd grade, and Jessica is in 1st grade.  Sara now has her own room while Jessica and Rachel share a room.

Dad's been working hard on the interior - check out the "Houlton - Quick View" to see new photos!

We hope you enjoy your visit and will visit again soon!

Sara, Rachel, and Jessica

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